If two heads are better than one, two pairs of eyes can add super-vision to any clinical situation. In my role as supervisor, I really enjoy the opportunity to support the development of other professionals.


You can be sure of my credentials and experience as a supervisor accredited by BACP and COSRT. For many years, I have supervised trainees, qualified therapists, those working towards accreditation and beyond. I recognise that the needs of the supervisee will vary according to the level of training and therapy experience. I have often provided a supervisor report to record the accomplishments and development areas for supervisees.

Whether working with an individual supervisee or a group, I strive to ensure a suitable balance between support and challenge, in a relational dialogue to explore the meaning and effectiveness of the supervisee’s clinical work.

The value of supervision is a supportive space in which to explore the highlights, puzzles and tangles which occur in their practice working with clients.

An unshakeable belief in the necessity and benefit of supervision means I receive supervision myself usually on a weekly basis. I draw upon the expertise of more than one supervisor, given the variety of therapy work I offer: psychotherapy, psychosexual therapy, equine-facilitated therapy, as well as receiving supervision of my supervision work. There’s always something of value to discuss.

Usually supervisees commit to a minimum of one 50-minute supervision per month, depending on their scope of practice and the requirements of their professional association(s).

Group supervision or reflective practice sessions can also be funded by organisations for their employees or volunteers. Please contact me for further details.

If you are interested in talking to me about working together, then please do get in touch.

We can have a brief chat on the phone to discuss your interest in starting counselling or in the equine-facilitated approach, with a view to arranging an initial appointment for you.


These comments were made by supervisees during or after completing their supervision with me. To protect the their confidentiality, the testimonials are anonymous. But be assured that all the comments are genuine feedback, with permission from the supervisee.