Terms and conditions of service

Please be aware that booking or paying for an appointment with Sarah Paton Briggs is deemed to be acceptance of these terms of service.

Ethics and scope of practice: Sessions are held in accordance with the ethical code of practice provided by my professional bodies: BACP, COSRT, NCP, EMDR UK. I have an unswerving commitment to providing a professional and private service for all my clients, to ensure quality standards and psychological wellbeing. I pledge to work within my scope of practice and according to the ethical codes of my professional organisations.

Data protection: Client information is kept according to strict security protocols and confidentiality guidelines, according to the ethical codes of my professional membership organisations and data protection requirements (GDPR).

Cancellation or rescheduling: Appointments are charged in full unless notice of cancellation is received 3 working days in advance or more. I am committing to be present for your appointment time and I expect the same of my clients in return. If you become aware of anything which affects your ability to attend a booked appointment, please let me know as soon as you know. I will respond according to the prevailing circumstances.

Payment: For an initial appointment, I request payment in advance to secure the session time. Invoices or order forms are payable within 2 working days of issue. Online bank transfer is the preferred payment method to Ashlar Evolution’s account.