Relationship Insights

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Whatever happens in an equine session will be determined in what occurs between the client and the horse(s).

Usually there is some insight on how the client manages their relationship: how open the client is, who is in control of the relationship, who gives and who takes.

Horses can be really good at showing these dynamics and bringing these topics to the attention of the client.

This happened in a recent session, where the horse was very assertive about the kind of attention she wanted. Although there was a lot of humour, some deeper realisation also happened when the client considered some family matters.

Horses can pick up on the person’s needs and preferences, by emotional attunement (called limbic resonance). So the response from the horse will be congruent and authentic – even though no words are spoken.

With permission, here are the reflections from the client about the session:

What an amazing day! I had always been quite frightened of horses – I think partly because they are so big – worried about being bitten more than anything else – such large teeth!

I went on the equine day with mixed feelings. Some nervousness and also excitement about doing something where I was challenging myself and definitely out of my comfort zone.

After a very thorough briefing from Sarah – laying out exactly what we would be doing during the day, as well as a really informative explanation of what horses are actually about – we went into the paddock and were able to go as near to them or not at all – no pressure whatsoever. It was what we felt comfortable with. Tia and Jazz are lovely horses, each with their own personalities, and I started to feel quite OK with them and was able to stand close and pat and stroke them.

Later we laid out a circuit for us to take the horses round using a halter. We were asked to think about what the circuit represented, and the objects on the circuit meant to us, in terms of our life’s journey. Surprisingly enough mine came to me in seconds. We were asked to then take a horse of our choosing and lead it round the circuit, thinking about our life’s journey and the objects at the same time.

I came to the first part which was very difficult for me.  I became very emotional with tears rolling down my cheeks. Immediately the energy seemed to change between the horse and myself. The horse moved in very close and I felt completely safe and held – which made me more emotional as it was such an incredible experience, one I would not have believed possible unless I had experienced it.

The horse stayed very close the whole way round the circuit and I felt held in the most gentle way imaginable. You can choose to talk to the horse of not – whatever feels right for you.  At the end on the circuit, I thanked the horse and stood right in front of its head – cms away from its mouth – something I would never have done, even that morning. Looking back I realise I didn’t even give the horses teeth a second thought. I felt completely and totally at ease.

I would urge anyone reading this and thinking of going a long – do it! You won’t regret it.

Here’s the feedback received from the client afterwards:

Thank you so much for a truly wonderful day! It was a real eye opener for me and very inspirational.

The testimonial and the photo are used with permission, upholding the principles of informed choice and client confidentiality.