Presence, power, patience

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When talking about my therapy work recently, a colleague’s comment was along the lines that horses have such “presence, power, and patience” to be great therapists for humans.

That phrase from the videographer called Bryn stayed with me. I made a note of it so I could reflect and write more about this idea.

Horses certainly have a presence: they are large animals weighing up to 10 times our size. They definitely have power – we still define cars in terms of “horsepower”, since horses for centuries gave us a mode of transport pulling carts or carriages, and a turbo boost in agriculture such as ploughing. Most of the time, they also have great patience and peaceful attention.

It’s these qualities that make horses such wonderful beings to hang out with. They can be good company and a great comfort.

Horses can show emotion too – looking at different moments as if they are playful or affectionate or anxious or calm.

The great power and analgesic from horses can be showing us how we show up in relationship with them, as a cipher for how we go about our daily lives.

This can be a great insight as well as a great privilege.