My response to COVID measures

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As lockdown eases and we remain vigilant, my view is that there is a balance to be struck between providing support for my clients’ mental health, while remaining vigilant about COVID infection control. It seems like COVID will be around for some time, possibly increasing in prevalence during the Autumn/Winter of 2020. That said, I believe in relational therapy and embodied experience as opportunities for personal growth and professional support.

Therefore I am currently offering therapy or supervision sessions by Zoom or by telephone, working remotely. These options will remain in place on a continuing basis. I am happy to provide appointments in either of these ways.

From mid-September 2020 onwards, I am considering the option to work outdoors in a secluded garden setting. In this scenario, clients would access the back garden without needing to come through the house – by walking across the front lawn and down the side of the house where the wooden gate will be left open without the need to touch any door. There is comfortable cushioned garden furniture to sit on. Sanitising gel and wipes are available.

From October 2020 onwards, I would consider resuming indoor sessions, provided:

  • infection rates remain under control at less than 1,
  • government lockdown guidelines allow for indoor meetings,
  • clients or supervisees give assurance that they are asymptomatic without being required to self-isolate or quarantine themselves,
  • a pledge is given by clients or supervisees that they have been following and will continue to follow social distancing measures faithfully,
  • the attendee(s) at the session are willing to wear a mask or clear face shield, which can be provided upon request.

Certain measures are in place for indoor sessions, to operate in a COVID-aware way. Resumption of room-based sessions would follow social distancing guidelines of 1-2 metres. Sanitising gel and wipes are available for use as required. Attendees are requested not to touch any door or door handles. If possible, please ensure you have visited the toilet beforehand (although toilet facilities are available in case of emergency). No refreshments will not be offered, so please bring your own drink or water bottle if you wish.

Any attendance at a therapy or supervision session is deemed to be at the risk of the attendee(s) making an informed decision about their welfare. Neither Sarah Paton Briggs nor Ashlar Evolution Limited accept any liability for any potential infection or illness, COVID or otherwise, which might be construed as related to participating in therapy or supervision at the provider’s premises.

Resumption or offering of room-based therapy or supervision in no way constitutes an ongoing commitment to continue service provision in this way. I reserve the option to revert to Zoom or telephone or a suspension of services, if there is a change in my personal circumstances or the external environment relating to lockdown guidelines.