Life After a Break-Up

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An unexpected relationship break-up can affect us deeply.

Relationship problems are one of the biggest triggers for clients coming to see me for counselling.

It can be a really upsetting time, dealing with the loss of the relationship and missing the person who has ended it.

However, there can be light at the end of the tunnel for anyone going through a difficult break-up.

My relationship therapy training can help support you in your time of need. They do say that time is a great healer and this can be true for break-ups. After a while in therapy, you can get a fresh perspective and be readier to move on with the next chapter of your life.

This client sent me the following testimonial when life began to look much better (used on my website with permission):

“The first thing I did when I received my devastating news was to contact you, as I knew I would need the professional help. Every time we met for the first couple of months I cried every session and I was an emotional wreck. You helped me see through that and made me truly believe I was not the one to blame and that I could rebuild myself in a positive and realistic way. I was in denial for so long and didn’t believe my future would ever get better with the loss I had. Now I couldn’t be happier and it is all thanks to you and your support.”