Let Go of Fear

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The very idea of being near horses can evoke some big fear. But if you’re willing to give it a try, you can get some equally big results.

This client came along for a one-day workshop. He went away with clear insights at a tricky time in his life. Here’s what he said (published with his permission):

I was never a big fan of being around horses. I didn’t even like petting them or going near them. My Equine therapy session with Sarah changed all that.Through Sarah’s gentle and patient manner I learned how to approach a horse and the value in sensing and respecting the space between. It was a very moving experience to feel the connection I had between Tia and Jazz. Two very distinct energies and both equally healing for me. One exercise had me leading Jazz through a series of four ’stations’ that represented different facets of my life, each with their own energy that I could feel as I approached, Jazz also felt it, I’m sure. And it was my leadership, my intention, my energy, my determination that Jazz felt that let her follow me with no resistance. My big takeaway for the day was realising I don’t need to be afraid or defend myself from something/someone that’s different then me. For a long time I had struggled with the power and size of horses (very symbolic of my struggle with people in power) and now after being with Jazz and Tia I realize that there is no need to fear them —It’s an advantage and an incredibly rewarding experience to be open to a relationship that’s based on being honest and grounded to yourself. When I let go of my defences I found that Jazz and Tia were supporting me.  All I was doing was feeling the clarity of my goal with gentle conviction. Very zen. Very spiritual. Very cool. Thank you Sarah!

I love doing this work, I’m so proud to facilitate ways for our horses to help people, sharing their wisdom and generosity of spirit.If you’d like to try it for yourself, do get in touch to arrange a session.