How do you value therapy?

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Therapy can be a big investment. Not only financially, but a substantial time commitment plus a large devotion of emotion.

Many clients tell me that it’s so valuable having a private space just to talk. Being listened to, being truly heard, can be such relief for the soul.

But inevitably the bill arrives for each session and there’s a money exchange.

Is this the only transaction? Maybe not. The value exchange can be huge.

A client once summed it up by thinking about how much he’d spent as a professional photographer on all his kit. Cameras, lenses, an iMac, iPad, iPhone, Adobe software to enhance the images, website costs. He even included wardrobe and personal grooming costs – so he looked the part at high-end shoots. It added up to thousands and thousands of pounds.

But this comment of his stayed with me for years: “Therapy is what I spent least on, but got the most out of!”

That sounds like good value indeed.