Finding the True You

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Sometimes an experience of a different setting can bring a fresh perspective.  That’s what clients often say when they reflect on what happened for them in equine sessions.

It’s a chance to feel something new, to give yourself a break from routine and focus on yourself.

If you’re facing problems in life, or maybe new challenges at work or in your family, it might be a good idea to come and spend some time with the horses. Unexpected truths and insights are often the result.

That’s what one client said recently after a one-day workshop with our horses:

Equine therapy with Ashlar Evolution was a real eye-opener. The interaction with the horses really gives insight – a powerful combination. I came away with a much greater sense of personal clarity. Great for getting back to, or finding, the true you. 

Allowing yourself to take time out and invest in yourself can really help on your journey through life. You can make decisions for the future, taking into account the learning from the equine session – which is often directly relevant when you get back to your usual base.