Finding the Golden Nugget

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“When your emotional world is on fire and you have fallen into the ancient trance of shame, rage, and blame, return to the slowness, the vastness, and the erupting intelligence of your body.”
Matt Licata.

Everyone can have times like that.

What I know about the horses is that they can help human clients find the nugget of wisdom that can help move through even the darkest moments.

The horses have an uncanny knack of being able to connect with people who are suffering and in pain, giving gentle vibes that can really help move forward.

Horses naturally live in the moment, letting even strong emotions ebb and flow. This is something that humans can do too – which brings resilience and the ability to cope when life gets just too hard.

But it has to be experienced in person, in an embodied way in the company of the horses.

We’re on standby-by if you’d like to come along and give it a try, maybe when other approaches have failed to lift the gloom.