Feedback from the Horse

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It can be so refreshing to receive communication from a horse – visual cues, closeness or distance, curiosity or disengagement. The worlds of psychology, neuroscience and neuro-liguistic programming (NLP) assert that emotions drive behaviour. So if a horse behaves in a particular way, I encourage the client to pause and breathe; to explore within their own self (their body and mind) what might be activated by the horse.

Everything a horse does is communication. This communication is information. The best thing you can do with it, is learn from it, instead of taking it personally.

Karine Vandenborre,

Usually some kind of difficulty in life is what prompts clients come along to work with the horses. This can be some kind of quest to find an answer or insight that helps the client move forward more safely and more happily in life.

The horses are wonderfully patient and caring with my clients. The horses will show the client something meaningful, even if there is a painful moment of realisation during the session.

But it’s those moments that bring such healing and peace to move past the difficulties with a new way of handling life’s challenges.

Many horses have given me hugely valuable messages. Maybe they are waiting to offer the same to you?