Creating a new life from therapy

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Therapy can certainly transform someone’s life – by creating greater peace or fulfilment, or by making sense of past events. There’s plenty of research and commentary as evidence for that.

But can therapy actually create a new life?

Yes, it can.

A difficulty some couples can face is that they want to start a family, but sexual problems mean that natural conception seems a far-away dream.

Yet there is hope. If both people in the couple want to explore the blocks, relationship therapy combined with sex therapy can really help.

The anonymised photo here is featured with permission from the parents, in case they can indirectly support others facing what they encountered. The scan shows a new life that emerged after successful therapy, as just one example of how this process can work.

3-month pregnancy scan

It was so heartwarming to receive news with this scan image. I was deeply privileged to have been a part of what this couple achieved.

In their own words: “Long time in the making and I’m not sure we’d have made it without you – thanks again for all your help!”

Therapy can go in different directions while keeping an eye on the main goal of enjoyable sex and a pregnancy. Sometimes, the couple might benefit from looking at their expectations of each other, how resentment might have built up if those expectations haven’t been met as time goes by. Other couples discover that past events such as trauma or mental health conditions are still casting a dark shadow over them.

The journey can take some unexpected twists and turns. But more often than not, given time and encouragement and some effort, the happy news of a baby’s arrival makes it all worthwhile.