Client Testimonial

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This feedback arrived spontaneously the day after a counselling client completed their sessions.

(Their words are being posted anonymously for ethical reasons of confidentiality.)

“I just wanted to send a quick e~mail to thank you for your help the last three weeks, you have given me some good strategies to help me cope which has been quite empowering and although the ‘black mist’ is still rolling over me at times I do feel more equipped to deal with it and I now understand why it is happening.”

It is very humbling for me to work with people who are struggling to being with; then with encouragement and support, these clients can gain new insights about the way they operate and interact with other people. This often brings some sadness or difficulty in realising what’s been happening.

But, as this client says, with new understanding it is possible to feel more empowered and equipped to deal with life’s challenges.

I view my work as giving clients perspective and resources to live in a more contented and resilient way.

It was such a pleasure to work with this client. In a few sessions, some big changes were made.