Creating a new life from therapy

Therapy can certainly transform someone’s life – by creating greater peace or fulfilment, or by making sense of past events. There’s plenty of research and commentary as evidence for that. But can therapy actually create a new life? Yes, it can. A difficulty some couples can face is that they want to start a family, … Read more

Breaking up is hard to do

In providing couple therapy, it’s a big dilemma for me to reconcile two principles I hold: to uphold client autonomy if one person in a couple wants to separate. to hold out further support to heal any fractures in their relationship. Often, couples show up to relationship therapy when the situation has worsened to quite … Read more

What to Expect from Couple Counselling

It can be a big step to consider couple therapy – exposing difficulties in your relationship to someone else. I’m often asked what couples can expect from the first session. It’s natural to be curious or even anxious about what’s going to happen. To begin with, I introduce myself and my ethical way of working. … Read more