The Horse-Human Bond

Sarah Schlote highlighted this quotation on her American website, Equusoma. It gives us a perspective on why equine-facilitated therapy can be so helpful for us. I am passionate about the mammalian connection between horse and human and how we can co-regulate and partner with each other in the healthiest of ways. To relate on all … Read more

Let Go of Fear

The very idea of being near horses can evoke some big fear. But if you’re willing to give it a try, you can get some equally big results. This client came along for a one-day workshop. He went away with clear insights at a tricky time in his life. Here’s what he said (published with … Read more

Finding the True You

Sometimes an experience of a different setting can bring a fresh perspective.  That’s what clients often say when they reflect on what happened for them in equine sessions. It’s a chance to feel something new, to give yourself a break from routine and focus on yourself. If you’re facing problems in life, or maybe new … Read more

Relationship Insights

Whatever happens in an equine session will be determined in what occurs between the client and the horse(s). Usually there is some insight on how the client manages their relationship: how open the client is, who is in control of the relationship, who gives and who takes. Horses can be really good at showing these … Read more

Feeling Lonely

Equine sessions with the horses can really help people regain that sense of being connected (rather than feeling lonely). People can develop this sense of isolation for many reasons: bereavement, relationship break-up, family problems, abandonment by parents, being adopted and unsure of their family of origin, social exclusion because of mental health problems, unemployment or being homeless. … Read more

Amazing Energy

Horses are wonderful beings when it comes to reading the energy and intention from humans. That makes sense, because horses were originally herd animals, prey to predators. Since then, horses have developed a relationship with humans for thousands of years. I recently received a testimonial from a recent client (who shall remain anonymous, for reasons … Read more

An Opportunity to Make a Big Difference

I’ve voted for two wonderful equine-based charities today (29 February 2016) in the ITV-sponsored charity fund-raising competition called The People’s Projects. In each ITV region, a small number of grass-roots charities are competing for votes so that the one charity in each TV region with the most votes can secure £50,000 funding from a pool … Read more

Feedback from the Horse

It can be so refreshing to receive communication from a horse – visual cues, closeness or distance, curiosity or disengagement. The worlds of psychology, neuroscience and neuro-liguistic programming (NLP) assert that emotions drive behaviour. So if a horse behaves in a particular way, I encourage the client to pause and breathe; to explore within their … Read more

What the Client Said

Here is an account of one client’s experience of equine-facilitated therapy, in their own words (straight from the horse’s mouth, you might say): I am reliably informed that horses mirror our internal emotions; so if we are not congruent with what we say and do, the horse will illustrate that in how they are with … Read more