Feeling Lonely

Equine sessions with the horses can really help people regain that sense of being connected (rather than feeling lonely). People can develop this sense of isolation for many reasons: bereavement, relationship break-up, family problems, abandonment by parents, being adopted and unsure of their family of origin, social exclusion because of mental health problems, unemployment or being homeless. … Read more

Amazing Energy

Horses are wonderful beings when it comes to reading the energy and intention from humans. That makes sense, because horses were originally herd animals, prey to predators. Since then, horses have developed a relationship with humans for thousands of years. I recently received a testimonial from a recent client (who shall remain anonymous, for reasons … Read more

Sweetheart and Sahera Chohan

I read a post on Facebook by Sahera Chohan who described the sense of acceptance and authenticity she felt from a horse called Sweetheart in Arizona, USA. Sahera had been saddened by a relationship break-up and Sweetheart helped Sahera deal with the grief. Sahera is pictured above with one of the horses in Arizona. Here’s … Read more

Finding the Golden Nugget

“When your emotional world is on fire and you have fallen into the ancient trance of shame, rage, and blame, return to the slowness, the vastness, and the erupting intelligence of your body.”Matt Licata. Everyone can have times like that. What I know about the horses is that they can help human clients find the … Read more

Feedback from the Horse

It can be so refreshing to receive communication from a horse – visual cues, closeness or distance, curiosity or disengagement. The worlds of psychology, neuroscience and neuro-liguistic programming (NLP) assert that emotions drive behaviour. So if a horse behaves in a particular way, I encourage the client to pause and breathe; to explore within their … Read more