An Exciting Fusion

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I am so excited to be launching my equine-facilitated service. Last year, I had a moment where suddenly it all made sense to combine my therapeutic work with my passion for horses. Previously there had been a conflict: when I was working, I wasn’t with the horses; when I was with the horses, I wasn’t working.

But by developing my skills in offering equine interventions, I could fuse my psychological support work into a service where I’d spend more time with the horses. Magic!

Since then I found out more about how horses make high-impact interventions to show people how to heal their emotional wounds and become more confident beings. The horses are truly wonderful at giving gentle yet profound insights to their human clients. What’s more, this all happens non-verbally. Clients don’t need to talk through their trauma or painful events, the horses sense the pressing need and respond accordingly, with gesture and movement in accordance with the nature of the difficulty. Absolute magic.

Now that I’m able to offer counselling from my private premises in Milbourne, or equine-facilitated learning near Brinkworth, this provides two powerful options for anyone who wants to move beyond the discomfort of their current circumstances.

Do read all about it on my website or contact me if you’d like to find out more:  07973 368512.