Amazing Energy

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Horses are wonderful beings when it comes to reading the energy and intention from humans. That makes sense, because horses were originally herd animals, prey to predators. Since then, horses have developed a relationship with humans for thousands of years.

I recently received a testimonial from a recent client (who shall remain anonymous, for reasons of confidentiality).

The client had attended a couple of sessions before learning some new skills in moving a horse around the pen while the horse was at liberty – without a room halter or lead rope. The client was amazed at how the horse responded collaboratively and in connection with the person giving the directions.

Here’s what the client said:

Dear Sarah
I wanted to let you know how I experienced the three equine counselling sessions I have had with you and your two lovely horses, Tia and Jazz.It was a truly positive and uplifting experience and each session allowed me to take home quite profound self knowledge too. I learnt so much about myself and how I relate to others!  This was achieved by initially being with Tia and Jazz and seeing how they perceived my presence (and vice versa) and then by you elaborating on what the experience might mean to me in relation to other people.  Using the mindfulness techniques was also so relaxing and I will continue to practise them. Learning about the energy we give out and how it can be used was amazing!  That was really inspiring for me.Thank you so much for this invaluable experience Sarah.

The client was surprised at how they could interact with the horse and how this experience gave lots of insight about how the client acts in other relationships with humans. The session provided lots of food for thought.